Can I also pay with other cryptocurrencies?
No, that's not possible for now. AXA wants to gather some experience with Bitcoin first before deciding on the next steps.
Do the bitcoins go directly into a wallet owned by AXA?
No. The bitcoins go to the crypto broker Bitcoin Suisse, which converts them into Swiss francs. AXA holds no bitcoins on its balance sheet.
Will my information be shared with external partners?
No, the only information the external partners (inapay for the user interface and Bitcoin Suisse for payment processing) need is the reference number and the amount shown on your bill. These can't be used to work out personal information.
Which AXA premiums can I pay using Bitcoin?
Private customers can currently pay their premiums for all non-life products of AXA Insurance Ltd. (excluding AXA-ARAG Ltd.). Unfortunately, this payment option can't be offered for life insurance products for regulatory reasons.
What are the fees?
AXA doesn't charge any fee for using the Bitcoin payment option. The Bitcoin exchange rate provided by the broker includes a commission of 1.75% to cover blockchain transaction, currency exchange, and other fees.
Can I also use the Bitcoin payment option if I receive my bills as PDF files or on paper?
The information about the new payment option currently appears only on bills sent by e-mail. You can of course also use the service via if you receive bills in PDF or paper form.